Friday, May 25, 2012

Maldives Part 3

Lovely mr turtle

sea cucumber when attacked

Boys will be boys

mr black tip 

Prob the closest i have been

feeding frenzy

mr white tip

what is it with guys and sea cucumbers????


strange creature

nice ...


view of robinson club from the sea

today's sunset

end of our sunset snorkel
sunset bar

time for a pina colada

white theme night

oyster and lobster nite!!! YUMMM the best dinner on maldives

michelin chef shucking oysters

catch of the day

beautiful day to dive

our boatmen

still waters

i can't believe i'm here now!

that thin line where the ocean merges with the sky

our deckchairs outside the villa

pod like thingy

mr hermit

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Maldives Part 2

finally getting into the water!


mr trigger fish

giant clamsy

another trigger fish

my fave part of the dive

surrounded by a school of fish!

breakfast by the beach

low tide

6am sunrise

sunset cocktails